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"Total Satisfaction"

Business Mantra

The concept of total satisfaction must be understood in this way.  At every point, on both a company and a consumer level, there is a focus on all the moving parts.  Ultimately, the components will have clear lines of transparency resulting in a defined and quantified manner so that a high level of profit can be achieved.  At every critical point we are examining product marketability and related customer satisfaction.

Social Responsibility

IXI brings to market products and services that are green - both financially rewarding and environmentally friendly.  For example, our bamboo rugs are extremely eco-friendly.  IXI donates 1% of gross sales on our eco-friendly  products to various charitable organizations.



A limited liability company offering products and services utilizing the internet, IXI International imports from Europe, China, India and Greece.  Our products are sold via websites, including GoShopUs (GSU), Target, Overstock, eBay, and Amazon.  IXI develops its own domain products to sell via the internet and direct market approach with retailers and wholesalers such as BJ’s, COSTCO, Ross Stores, catalogs, etc.  Through innovation and protected patents and trademarks, IXI will expand its stable of domain products. 


IXI provides outsourcing for various business needs.  , Utilizing IXI resources and expertise, eCommerce companies outsource their business needs.  For example, IXI manages drop shipping and back office optimization programming for Tribeca Labs, supporting successful development and marketing of their cutting-edge digital imaging software and services.


IXI maintains relationships with top Fortune 500 retailers, providing drop shipment and selling items marketed through these accounts.


IXI International, with a focus market of Home Décor, specializes in niche market areas such as Flokatis, bamboo rugs, leathers, logo rugs, educational rugs, shapes, shags and tapestries.  With these items and future product lines, we will unlock the potential of high margins on domain products

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